What Is the Best Residency Personal Statement Word Count?

Why Might You Need Our Help with Your Residency Personal Statement Word Count?

Writing a residency personal statement is an integral part of any application to an accredited college and are generally considered to play one of the most active and important roles. This is because it is the only chance for you to show an applications review board just who you are as an individual in your own words. To put yourself forward in a way that makes you stand out from the other candidates and show how you will likely thrive and make a better contribution than others can.

This can be a challenge if a low residency personal statement word count has been assigned, but if you can overcome this and express the information in a positive way, then it will help to make a lasting impression in their minds so that you are most likely to be remembered when the selection process is being made. Residency programs only have a limited number of places they can offer when compared to the number of applications they receive, so you will have to supply them with a very special personal statement if you want to get one of those allotted spaces.

This will be all that separates the competition that is likely to have just as good qualifications as you do and the only way that a review board can decide who to choose. Before work on your statement can begin, however, you first have to know how many words are expected. Although in some cases the word limit is known such as the ERAS application requirements, this is not always the case so our experts have assembled some fellowship personal statement tips to help get you started.

Check this useful infographic about the letter of recommendation for medical residency:

letter of recommendation for medical residency facts

What is the suggested residency personal statement length?

Unless specifically specified in your application documentation, there really is no upper or lower limit. However, many experts all agree that a personal statement residency 700 words long should give you ample space in which to write positively about yourself. You will need to pay attention though by making sure to read any instructions carefully as they may entail following the requirements to answer certain questions.

What happens if I go over the residency personal statement word count?

You finally manage to put a working draft together, but on closer inspection, it’s much too long. You have written a residency personal statement 650 words long when the requirement specifically states 500. If you have been given any writing restrictions with word limit for residency personal statement, then you really should stick to them. These limits are set in place for a reason; to show how creative you can be with your writing and to also demonstrate the ability to follow the rules. There is a less drastic solution than removing whole sections from your personal statement if you don’t want to lose the substance of your writing:

  • Don’t use repetitive wording or repeat information used elsewhere in the application
  • Remove all adverbs including those ending in ‘ly’ such as fully, really, completely and absolutely
  • Check for single words or short phrases followed by a comma. Remove those which do not enhance your writing
  • Avoid using redundant words, 4 in the morning can become just 4 am
  • Reduce the length of phrases; ‘Those of us that were in the know would never have…’ can be changed to ‘The Knowledgeable amongst us would never…’
  • Remove words that add no value like at the present time or as far as I am concerned
  • Remove any superlatives and clichés; your own wording is expected anyway.
  • Turn some nouns into verbs: ‘I concluded’ is much better than ‘I came to the conclusion’.
  • It’s your voice they want to hear, no one else so don’t quote from other sources
  • Don’t try and make yourself look better with sweeping statements or unproven claims

Writing within the Suggested Residency Personal Statement Word Count

residency personal statement word countYou should always tailor your personal statement to the specific program that you are applying to as this shows them that you have done your homework and really are keen to study with them. They will be looking for details about you which show you are the kind of person who is more likely to thrive in their program and who would make the biggest contribution to their community as a whole. Keeping to their specific word count is important but so is how you present the information contained within it. Knowing an average word count for personal statement residency is going to be around the 700–800 mark, you can start to make some notes and formulate a plan to start applying to these institutions. Focus on information such as:

  • Starting off with an attention-grabbing anecdote to really grab the reader’s attention
  • Ensure that your writing flows like a story to keep the reader interested
  • Keep the language simple so that anyone can understand it. Never use acronyms, slang, or overly long and confusing words.
  • Always write about yourself and no one else
  • Be positive at all times
  • Always tell the truth. Lies will catch up with you, especially when being interviewed
  • Proofread everything so that there are no errors, the smallest of errors can let you down.

residency personal statement word count advice

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